The Dell Swims

1. Kevin’s Swim – This swim is the closest to the car park. This swim has a sand bar at 30-35 yards with a plateau being at 50-60 yards with depths of 5-7ft.

2. Twisted Willow Swim – Very much the same as Kevin’s swim, with the plateau at 30-35 yards and marginal weed in the summer.

3. The Bench Swim – Again very similar to swim number 2, but with the plateau being at 60-80 yards.

4. With the margin depth of 10-12ft and the summer months lots of weed at all ranges from 30-120 yards.

5. The Small Oak – The depth are very much the same as swim 4, with marginal depth ranging from 7ft to 12ft but also fishing as long range to showing fish.

6. Wardy’s Swim – In this swim there is a start of the slope which comes from the plateau into the deepest part of the lake fishing at 60 yards is the most productive spot. But also long range works well. 

7. The Deeps – This part of the lake is the deepest part with depths up to 18ft. This is still a good part of the lake most times of the year as you still have 7-12ft in the margins.

8. The Big Oak – With the deep water on the left hand side of the swim the depth vary from 18ft-9ft the start of a very flat area on the right hand side of the swim with depth of 9-13ft at 40-60 yards.

9. The Corner Swim – With depths of 5-11 ft this swim gets very weedy in summer months. There has been a very big hit of fish from this swim fishing the holes in the weed. 

10. The Air Field Swim – Again very weedy in the summer months with depths of 9-12 ft find the clear areas and fish to them.

11.  In this swim - You can fish at very long range up to 150 yards to showing fish in  the middle of the lake but also the margin can be very productive. 

12. Maylin’s – Again very weedy in the summer with depths of 8-12ft. At various times of the year a lot of fish hold up in this area. 

13. Lucky for Some - This swim can be a very conflicting swim if there are people fishing to your left and right but is well worth a try if there is no one fishing nearby. With depths and features very similar to swims 11 & 12.

14. Gerpins Corner - With depths of 12-16ft this swim has the same features as 12 & 13 fishing up to 60-70 yards to clear patches in the weed.

15. The Ramp - This swim is no longer a double swim as it confilcts with peg 14. a very good and spacious swim with some very good features at 60-70 yards, the back of the island has produced some very good fish. Fishing against the island itself is not a good area to try in this swim as the island has yet to mature but will be a good spot for the future.

16 Island Swim - With the island to your left, there is a bar that comes off at an angle and is at 30-35 yards and a very deep margin at 10-12ft but also 80-90 yards is an area of 6-8ft so this swim gives you plenty of options.

17. Milky’s Point - You are now back fishing on the plato which is straight out in front of you, fishing depths of 6-8ft with deep margins of 10-12ft which can produce fish in the spring.

18. Geezers Swim - With a very shallow boomerang shaped bar to the left of this swim at the end of the bar at the left hand bank is a very good spot as this acts like a funnel where fish like to patrol through all times of the year.

19 The ‘G’ Spot - Fishing straight out in front at 80-100 yards onto the plato in depths of 5-7ft is best. In the summer months with a easterly wind blowing the fish can also get right under your rod tips.

20. Mad Dogs - This swim is closed all year round.

21. Pedro’s Swim - This swim also closed all year round.