Berwick Ponds Swims

1. Micks Swim - Tucked away in the corner without much room but with plenty of close up features and the far reed bed is at 25-30 yards. If you approach yourself quiet enough the fish hold up in this swim all year round.

2. Fishing to reeds at 45-50 yards, with a small island at 20-25 yards to your right are the two main features in this swim. There is an overhanging tree in the margins to the right of the swim, which is always worth a try.

3. Fishing to the reed line at about 50-60 yards, the small island again to your left which in the summer months has a large lilly bed to fish to.

4, 5 & 6. Fishing to the reed line of about 50-60 yards, all three swims are virtually the same, with weed beds that appear in all different places.

7. In this swim you have quite a few different spots to fish, there is a reed island at 20 yards then reeds at 50-60 yards with a small channel that goes round the back of the small island. The reeds at 50-60 yards is the main patrol route from the cut to the back bay.

8. The Bridge Swim – which fishes down towards the road, where there is an inlet from the day ticket lake.  This is a very silty part of the lake and in the warmer months holds a good number of fish.

9. The Willows Swim – has reeds at 25-30 yards and you fish into a bay which is formed out of the reeds. The large overhanging willow tree to the right of the swim is well worth putting one rod to that spot if you like fishing the marginal  shelf.

10. The Pads Swim – very much the same as The Willow (9) fishing to reeds at 25-30 yards and the lilly pads to the left. 

11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16. All these swims are in what we call ‘The Cut’. They all have reeds at 25-30 yards, they all have marginal reeds as well.  They may appear to have a lot of room, but this is the deepest part of the lake and holds a lot of fish when there is a lot of angling pressure in the main part of the lake. 

17. The Log Swim – with the end of the cut to the left, we would class this as a good spot, as this is the main patrol route from the cut to the main part of the lake. Straight out in front again fishing to reeds at about 50-60 yards, fishing the small gaps that appear in the reeds.  To the right of this swim, it is always worth trying open water.

20. Three Trees – Fishes to a point of reeds at about 55 yards, this swim is particularly good in open water for the catfish.

18, 19, 21, 22 & 23. All these swims are virtually the same with the reed line being 50-65 yards. Some have reeds in the margins and in the summer months reed beds appear in different spots. Don’t forget to fish open water as this is a very neglected part of the lake.

24. Very much the same as 23, with reeds at 65-70 yards.  This is where the lake opens out to its widest.  So fishing to open water is as good as fishing to the reeds and side margin.

25. The Long Chuck – is a well known swim, with reeds at ranges from 25-75 yards.  This swim has lots of different features to choose from, all of which  produce fish.

26 & 27. The Forbidden Zone Swim – is a double swim which is in a very natural part of the lake which is shallow and weedy, with reed beds going down the left and  right sides of the swim. This swim has a public footpath which goes behind you, don’t be put off by the dog walkers as this is a very productive part of the lake all year round.