The Slips Prices & Rules

The Slips - Prices

  • Adults - 7am-7pm is £9.00 for 1 rod, £12.00 for 2 rods, £15 for 3 rods.
  • O.A.P and Disabled £6.00. for 1 rod, £8.00 for 2 rods, £10.00 for 3 rods.
  • Children under 12yrs £5.00 1 rod only.

For further information and match bookings please contact us on 07775 866703.

The Slips - Rules & Regulations

  • No dog meat, cat meat, and luncheon meat to be used as feed only to used as a hookbait
  • Barbless hooks ONLY
  • No keep-nets unless in a organised match
  • Rods must never be left unattended.
  • Under NO circumstances are fish to be removed or introduced to the lake.
  • All incidents of misconduct or rule violation must be reported immediately.
  • Keep our fishery tidy – PLEASE TAKE RUBBISH HOME including TEABAGS & CIGARETTE BUTTS in bins provided.  Anyone caught leaving litter will be banned.
  • Vehicles should be driven sensibly and MUST be left in the official car park.
  • Absolutely NO EXCESSIVE drinking of alcohol, illegal substances or noise.
  • Under no circumstance is any wood to be burnt on the BBQ as a fire.
  • Only one NON fishing guest at any one time.
  • No fires, swimming, firearms or radios.  Please keep to your own swim and show consideration for the other members.
  • Do not breakdown any vegetation or trespass on surrounding property.