Berwick Ponds

Berwick Ponds is a well established syndicate water at 12 acres in size with approximately 7 acres of fishable water. The remainder is covered by Norfolk reeds mase and sedge.

The swims had a major overall 2 years ago and are now up to the standard we expect. The paths have also had a major overall and so have the 3 car parks.

Other facilities that are available are an electric shower along with a flush toilet, there are also electric power points and fresh drinking water.

5 years ago we had the lake de-silted. This took around 3 months with some 12,000 cubic metres of silt removed which made the fishing a lot better. The stock is now brimming with carp up to 34lb along with wels catfish up to 60lb.

There is an ongoing stocking programme with fish being brought in from our own stock ponds.